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    Remote Sound Design & Audio Post Production for Television, Film, Radio & Digital

  • About Andrew Chua

    I am a remote post-production audio professional providing audio-related services to meet the needs of producers working in broadcast television, film, digital, radio, animation, corporate and multimedia production.


    With an established remote workflow, I am ideally placed to help you complete your post-production audio projects safely and efficiently.


    To discuss a project or for any advice get in contact and I’ll be happy to help.



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    A sample of works that I've done

    My Year 2017

    Take Flight: Western Australia
    Aerial Videography

    Wanderlust: Taiwan 2017
    Travel Video

    Wanderlust: Estonia Poland Lithuania
    Travel Video

    Is Your House As Clean As It Seems

    Sound Design and Mix

    Client: Tickled Media

    NCPG Wang Lei TV Commercial

    Sound Design and Mix

    Client: J Team Productions

    Sound Design Reel 2014, 2015 and 2016

    DBS UNI.CORN Grand Entrance Music

    Music Composition

    Client: DBS

    The Filipino is Worth Dying For
    Travel Video

    Muar from Above
    Aerial Videography

    Lithuania from Above
    Aerial Videography

  • Equipment

    Post Production

    I work with the following software to give you the best sound design and music compositions for your projects

    • Pro Tools Ultimate
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • DaVinci Resolve 16 with Fairlight
    • iZotope RX Noise Reduction, Repair and Restoration Software
    • Nugen Loudness Toolkit to deliver loudness and QC compliant mixes
    • Large collection of over 50000+ sound effects
    • Huge library of software instruments, orchestral samples and synthesizer samples
    • Many other plugins and software 

    Location Sound

    I own the following equipment and specialize in delivering high quality sound for corporate videos, events, interviews and documentaries with the ability to rent in more customized equipment if necessary

    • Sound Devices Mixpre-6- 6 input channel mixer and recorder with timecode
    • Sony PCM D100- Portable recorder for stereo atmos recording to help with sound design in post
    • Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Microphone- Directional microphone to help suppress background noise on location
    • Oktava MK-012 Hyper-Cardioid Microphone- Natural sounding dialogues when shooting indoors
    • Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Microphones- Miniature microphone that helps with hiding on talent, and sound amazing
    • 4x Sony UWP Digital Hybrid Wireless- Clean sounding with good range for mic-ing talents wirelessly
    • 2x Saramonic UWMic9- Wireless camera hops for sending guide audio to cameras for monitoring and syncing in post
    • Tentacles Sync Timecode Box- Small, accurate timecode boxes for locking multiple cameras and sound for faster syncing in post


    Aerial Videography and Photography

    I am licensed to fly the DJI Mavic Pro. All drone activities in Singapore require an Activity Permit from CAAS which takes 2 weeks to approve. In areas with flight restrictions, I can alternatively operate a camera and gimbal at the end of a monopod, giving drone-like footages and circumventing any limitations on flight operations

    • DJI Mavic Pro- 4K videos with Log colour profiles, 12 Megapixels still image
    • Polar Pro Cinematic Filters- High quality ND filters for filming under bright sunlight conditions
    • 5x Mavic Pro Intelligent Batteries- Giving approximate 1 hour of actual flying and recording time
    • Sony a6500- APS-C sensor capable of 4K 30fps
    • Zhiyun Crane v2- 3 axis gimbal for super smooth and fluid footage
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    Andrew Chua


  • Andrew's Previous Works

    Legal Eagles


    Mediacorp Studios Malaysia, Channel 8

    Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer


    Home Truly


    Houghton Street Media, Shenzhen Satellite TV



    If Only I Could


    Mediacorp, Channel 8

    Composer & Music Editor


    The Journey: Our Homeland

    信约 : 我们的家园

    Mediacorp, Channel 8

    Composer, Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer


    Nominated at the Mediacorp PROUD Awards 2016 for Best Sound Design for Drama


    Dara Zara

    Mediacorp Eaglevision, Suria

    Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer


    Mak Aku Kata

    Mediacorp Eaglevision, Suria

    Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer



    Mediacorp Eaglevision, Suria

    Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer


    Whispers of the Dead 2

    Mediacorp, Channel 5

    Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer


    Life Fear Not


    Mediacorp, Channel 8

    Sound Designer, Composer & Re-recording Mixer


    Long form soap drama of 120, half-hour episodes



    Mediacorp, Channel 5

    Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer


    Good Luck


    Mediacorp, Channel 8

    Music Editor


    The Journey: Tumultuous Times

    信约 : 荡的年代

    Mediacorp, Channel 8

    5.1 Surround Sound Mixer


    You Can Be An Angel Too


    Mediacorp, Channel 8



    Demi Adriana

    Mediacorp Eaglevision, Suria

    Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer


    The Gadget Show China 一键启动

    Houghton Street Media, Shenzhen Satellite TV

    Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer